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Cacho de uvas do Douro

Excellent location

Our vineyards are located in Northern Portugal, St. ª Marinha do Zêzere, Baião sub-region which in the demarcated wine region for Vinho Verde.

The privileged location and production in the middle of the Douro River valley, allows our vineyards to naturally produce high quality grapes, which translate into wines of great market potential.


Casa das Hortas – Baião – Green Wines

Casa das Hortas – Quinta de Lodões – Douro Superior

Unique Heritage

In privileged locations of the oldest DOP region of the world, with different altitudes, exposures and soils, our vineyards are home of several traditional grape varieties in admirable sloped vineyards.
Centred on preserving of this unique heritage and in the cultivation of grapes with quality and diversity for its Douro wines, the Casa das Hortas is one of the vineyard owners in the region.

Vinhas de Baião Casa das Hortas
Cacho de uvas do Douro